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Focus Features

For the Kids:

  • 12 mini-games plus boss game
  • Training, Challenge, Multiplayer modes
  • Performance Tracking
  • Customisable wizard characters
  • Games powered by the brain!

For the adults:

  • Daily reports on training performance
  • Parent can reward child in game
  • End of training report (after 25 sessions)
  • Follow-on exercise recommendations
  • Local installation with server security


Focus MindEEG bundle provides you with the tools required to create an engaging and fun learning environment to exercise and obtain the skills required to improve attention and behaviour, and the tools for parents to track your child's progress.

Price £ 499.00

Postage included

Focus is a game with benefits! It is played for fun, on your own, or against a friend. The game was designed to provide an environment to practice skills such as attention, relaxation, impulse-control and memory. Train to develop “powers” by mastering the 12 engaging mini-games. These powers help you battle the evil necromancer, and also will help improve behaviour and academic outcomes.

In training mode, rewards and incentives are provided so that achievements and outcomes can be monitored and reported in FocusIn. All performance and EEG data is recorded for use in the daily and end-of-training reports. The difficulty level of the games is adaptive, adjusting game-by-game to the performance of the child – the goal is improvement


Children with ADHD

Focus addresses the problems that underlie the behaviour seen in children with Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Children with ADHD show very frequent inattentive, impulsive and in some cases hyperactive behaviours – this has a negative effect on the child’s ability to learn, play and interact with others. The most consistent problems are with impulse-control (the ability to stop, think and then act), working memory (holding information needed to do a task in mind) and state-control (the ability to adjust the level of attention/relaxation to an appropriate level to achieve aims). It is the only application to address each of these three key areas at the same time, taking advantage of the dynamic interplay between them.

All children

The processes that contribute to the control of behaviour and learning – impulse-control, working memory and attention/relaxation – are essentially the same for all children, so Focus may help all children to enhance their ability in these areas. The games are adaptive, presenting a challenge regardless of the child’s current ability in these areas.