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About Games For Life

How it all started

Games for Life was founded as a non-for-profit organisation providing pioneering technology that is affordable, user friendly and that has been shown to help people improve their behaviour.  The systems we provide each consist of cognitive exercises that help the user improve processes such as attention, relaxation, memory and impulse control.  So, if you are distracted or simply looking to enhance your abilities, the systems we provide can have a positive effect on your daily life providing a solution for attention problems.  By training the brain to achieve optimal activity levels you can enhance the quality of life in daily situations, tasks such as concentrating in the classroom, being able to relax in general or reduce your impulsivity.  Each of the systems we provide allow the user to see their attention in real-time during practice of a variety of task with each designed to improve specific cognitive functions such as Memory, Impulse control, Motor skills, Concentration & Focus.

Our mission

Our mission, simpleā€¦ to provide the best and most advanced way to help with attention related difficulties, special education needs, enhanced learning and eHealth. 

In a nut shell

What we do is train your brain's attention using attention training systems. You can use these in your school or you can have a system at home. It is proven to reduce core symptoms of ADHD and other attention related difficulties whilst also vastly improving your attention in general.

The effective neurocognitive training realises the potential of years of research in psychology and the more recent EEG technology developments.  Neurofeedback training recognised as being at the heart of mind-body medicine, in that it allows the user to be in control of brain processing during training and the learning that occurs in-turn helps you to regulate how you function beyond the training.   The electroencephalogram (EEG) is a method of recording brain activity from the scalp, which has until more recently been limited to the lab.  Breakthroughs in technology can record EEG and implement Neurofeedback training in any setting including your own home.